Sentiment Volver

Stars are no longer enough. It is not a hotel’s elaborate décor that makes a difference on today’s market; it is the judgement of social networks, reviews that guests leave all over the web to tell people about their experiences and, above all, the power of this network to direct the choices of other users. For this new marketing and communications arena, Hotel Volver presents Sentiment Volver®, the system for analysing and assessing the “sentiment” or feelings about your hotel in circulation on the web.
Receive regular daily information on your situation directly from your guests.
In this way you can carry out in-depth analysis, understand the strengths of your hotel and intervene where there are weaknesses; you can respond in the right time and in the right way to this vast and demanding community, in the knowledge that dialogue with your market is no longer an unambiguous succession of offers and services, but a daily confrontation with a complex system with which you can no longer avoid acting in a direct and ongoing manner. Hotel Volver is delighted to introduce you to its strategy and communications specialists.

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