The technical assistance and redevelopment guaranteed by Volver’s specialists are the most obvious evidence of the way that Hotel Volver manages and controls the exemplary standards of its clients’ hotels. Taking care of facilities, updating systems and checking their efficiency are the first steps to offering high-quality hospitality.
All this is only a part of our service.
Thanks to our partnership with Sorgenia, Hotel Volver can call upon professional energy managers, capable of analysing and reporting on a building’s energy performance. This is not simply a new service, but a strategic opportunity. The introduction of key concepts such as energy saving and respect for the environment are useful marketing tools for modern hotels, which appeal strongly to an international audience sensitive to green issues. Compliance with the latest in energy standards offers often inconceivable cost saving protection and incentive and funding opportunities to which this industry is not yet accustomed.
This service is dedicated to the very best Hotel Volver customers.

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