Industrial Laundry

With a prompt delivery service, deep sterilisation process and guaranteed cleaning, Hotel Volver offers one of the best industrial laundry services on the market. Thanks to its own sophisticated equipment, the hotel is able to offer its guests another bonus feature.
The care and freshness that a good laundry service guarantees a hotel is the best possible calling card for your guests, the best way of welcoming them into their room. Volver’s specialists offer support to help the management select sets, assess everyday needs and find unique solutions for unusual events.
The best courtesy kits, customised and selected from the best products on the market, from bathroom sets to branded product ranges, details that go even further to distinguishing temporary accommodation from a unique stay.
A high-quality service is based on punctuality and sophisticated materials; it aims to take care of guests and apply technology in the service of well-being. This is our vision of a laundry service: the first step towards a perfect stay.

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