From a tidying service to Restore

What has traditionally been depicted as a simple housekeeping service is really an extremely strategic setting, one of the main “sensitive posts” on which users measure the value of the hospitality they receive, and on which the reputation of a hotel is often staked. The growth of modern technology and new tools for approaches and services now allow us to talk, not about cleaning, but about restoring, or:

The process through which the environment is brought back to its original condition. Providing a service to a hotel means offering its guests the chance to experience something unique in its rooms and facilities, as if they were being accessed for the first time.

Our restoring service recreates for your guests the feeling of being welcomed into a new environment. It is not enough to simply offer good hospitality; today’s market asks us to provide a memorable stay. For this reason, Hotel Volver has revolutionised the idea of outsourcing services, transforming them into integrated projects that make hotels more competitive.

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